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As far as Star Trek goes, I really didn't like much of it except the original series.

The movies based on the original series were somewhat tolerable (the first one was pretty bad, as most agree).

I watched some of "The Next Generation" but found it to be not that interesting and lacking the "spirit" of the first one, IMHO, although it got a lot better after the first season (and they branched out into new territory). The movies based on the Next Generation were more like generic sci fi to me than "real Trek."

Of course I got nothing out of the other series (Voyager, Deep Space Nine), and I will probably avoid any movies based off of those.

I guess even though SW has four movies and that's it (if you don't count the Holiday Special and Ewok Adventures of course, lol), it still packs more action/adventure for me than the ST stuff (although I enjoy ST, I admit that).

Now if you want a series that I think beats ST, check out [b]Dr. Who[/i]. Now THERE is a long running series (with several movies, although they haven't made a good one in a long time, and yes, I missed the '95 one, so I'm not counting it), not to mention they are FINALLY bringing some of them to DVD (yes!). True, the production values were pretty laughable (even compared to the original ST), but considering the longevity and depth of the characters, and the cool storylines, I think it makes for some great entertainment (plus there's a huge book series to go with it).


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