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I don't use scripts personally but i do try to learn as much as possible about the games i play. All the power to you guys and gals who unlock the secrets of these programs.
(it may help in the future of the gaming industry to make their code more secure to all of these "loop holes").
I don't care wether sombody uses scripts or not. They have their plus and minus sides. eg:

1. Doing a move in only one button saves alot of time for you folks.

2. once executed, you cant go back unless a key is a switch rather than a stright scripted move ( This gives added time to the attacker to counter.)

Keep pushing the boundaries folks and we'll keep countering to the end of games (i dont think thats going to be any time soon )


I was looking at the many ways you lot have scripted the DFA...
How do you know how many wait commands to put in your script?

and is it based on the processor speed of your computer?


A guy whos just curious.


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