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The Conqueror felt great. Katani couldn't believe his mind. So responsive, just the slightest thought, and he could move this thing any way he wanted. Twisting and turning, gyrating at a moments notice, and what's more, it fed him information from every direction, increasing his reaction speed. About the only thing it didn't do was tell the future. That was okay though. He was working for a Sith who could do that.

The training course was a series of obstacles and targets spread out across the planet's surface and extending at portions up into the atmosphere. Essentially, the goal was simply to make it to the end, while having hit every target. While traveling at a speed of about one tenth of the speed of light, for most people this would be quite the challenge, but for Katani Chass, it was thought that it would be rather simple, all things considered. After all, he was connected to the most powerful computer ever made, and his brain was nothing to be trifled with.

The hangar doors were opening. First, all that was visible was a small crack of light, but as time went on, and the doors slowly parted, the brightness grew. Almost comprable to Katani's time with the
Conqueror. Each second he worked with the computer, it patterned itself more and more to his mind. Katani knew that it would only be a matter of moments before he and the machine were one, the ultimate combatant.

When viewed normally, the day really wasn't that spectacular. Clouds hung over head, casting an ominous note to things, but a glimmer of hope, embodying itself as a ray of sunshine breaking through the overcast seemed almost prophetical. When viewed through the eyes of someone just seeing things as they have always been meant to see them, the day was extraordinary. Each and every cloud could be maginfied down to the tiniest raindrop. He could see the way the wind was blowing, and how that would effect the storm front moving in from the east. He knew that if he wanted, he could destroy the mountains that loomed to the east, changing irreparably the landscape and weather of this spot for all time. Not now, though. Now, he felt like seeing what this thing could do in combat.

In a human it would have been like doing jumping jacks, or stretching legs. But, in a 30 meter tall killing contraption, it would be called firing the engines and rocketing into the stratosphere. Yes, it was a bit difficult the first time, to get the coordination right, but necessary before it was possible to move on to bigger and better things. It was simply a warm up. And it meant the universe would never be the same.

After returning lazily to the ground after what felt to him like a simple jump, Katani began to see the course before him. He'd already called up images from orbiting satellites, and he'd already mapped where he needed to go, what he needed to do at each juncture. In his mind, and on the computer screen before him, he ran through each turn and aim, each shot and acceleration. He ran through one last check of each of his weapons, cycling through the explosive settings on the nuclear and HE shells, seeing that they could be set to explode any time after impact with any solid object. Then again, at that speed, everything was solid.

The training course began rather simply. A few turns, followed by long straights, within which to pick up speed. The boundaries were marked only in the computer's databanks, there was nothing any less etheral than that. Don't be fooled though. There were definitely plenty of obstacles into which the
Conqueror could run, if one wasn't careful. Several cliffs and abuttments, as well as rock outcroppings threatened anyone foolish enough to fly at them at full speed.

Just as Katani began to make his first trial run of the Training Grounds, his mind stopped being his own. It had melded completely with that of the
Conqueror,[I] and as such, the mind-controller implanted in his head kicked in. Instead of hurtling for the first target, he began to claw his way towards space, startling everyone, including himself. And then, what was more surprising, he began to prime his weapons.

The Kuati fleet, better yet, what remained of it, orbited the planet in a decidedly abnormal pattern. Instead of stringing themselves out along the equator, as was recommended convention, the had clustered themselves facing away from the system's sun, toward the most likely avenue of attack. Unfortunately for them, when someone approached from the planet, it left their tails wide open. While normally this wouldn't be a bad thing, as whatever coming from the planet's surface wasn't likely to attack them, and whatever did wouldn't have a chance before they could react. They'd never counted on the greatest space-surperiority craft ever built to be flying up their engine nacelles, though. They never had a bit of a chance.

After it was all over, all that remained in orbit above Nhdaa'rr was what most people would mistakenly dismiss as debris, perhaps a minor asteroid field at first glance. In truth, it was the carbon and metal remains of over two-thirds of the people of Kuat. The shields of the combat ships were top-of-the-line, but they were never meant to take the kind of punishment a supernuclear blast creates. It had taken only two shells to leave the entire fleet vulnerable, and by that time most of the crews of the ships had been turned to jelly inside what they had thought were safe havens. Then, it had taken only a few HE shells to turn every single ship, over a thousand, into the floating graveyard that was now there. Theoretically, they would provide a great reentry show someday for the newly immigrated people of Nhdaa'rr. Of course, that was assuming they were still there. Or alive. Already the first nuclear shells were prepped to rain down on the planet. And no one would be left alive.

Katani began a mental check while the first wave of nuclear shells began their rain upon the planet. He hadn't wanted to destroy it, that would have been overly pretentious. No, this planet would be left as a reminder to all who would oppose him, that this is what awaited them. He had pleasantly surprised with the performance of the armor on his ship. The armor on him. Not only was it incredibly dense, even more so than that of the Sun Crusher, but it was also negatively charged, effectively cancelling the positive charge of a laser blast. Therefore, he hadn't even felt the effects of any of the turbolaser blasts. He was invincible, he mused to himself, as he prepared the second wave of nuclear shells. These would take advantage of gravity, and fall into an orbit, falling on the side of the planet that was farthest from him at the moment. The people of Kuat would be no more. He was the last.

After launching the second wave of shells was launched, Katani headed for the waiting carrier. It sat in a polar orbit, hyperdrive primed and ready for launch. It would be a little slow on the take off it he jumped into the middle of a battle situation, but that was okay. He'd soon have a new carrier...a Super Star Destroyer.

"Space is big... really big. I mean, you wouldn't believe how vastly, hugely, incomprehensibly big it is. You may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space." The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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