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Originally posted by AB_Legion
*Slowly sneaks up behind Lynk...*

*Quietly grabs Mr. Weasel...*


*starts gobbling up Mr. Weasel* bwahahah Whaddya gonna do now eh? extra tasty Weasel flavor, YUMMY!!
Fool! Don't you realise you're dealing with a force more powerful than you can possibly imagine! If you get Mr. Weasel angry he shall smite the like no one has ever been smited b4!... (that's a lot of smitingness if you didn't realise... a LOT)...

Mr. Weasel cannot be destroyed! *ABs stomach explodes (Alien style) and Mr. Weasel jumps out with one end of ABs small intestines in its mouth.* Uh-oh... ABs ****ed... *Mr. Weasel runs around AB, still carrying the small intestines and wraps AB up...* ewwwwwwwwwwww... um... good job Mr. Weasel... I think...

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