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*Deac lands the ship down outside Castle Starkiller. The family has gathered their army for the war. Deac stands and addressess them*

Men and women of the House, I stand before you today not as your Lord, but your General. We join battle with the Republic to preserve everything we have rebuilt since the death of my father. I am leaving you again, as I must go on a dangerous mission, but know this:

Someday you'll return to your valleys and your farms, and you'll no longer burn to be brothers in arms. The day will dawn and we will emerge victoriuos. Victory is our survival.

We shall fight them in stars, we shall fight them in the system. We shall fight them in orbit, we shall fight them in the skies.
We shall fight them in the seas, we shall fight them where they land.
We shall fight them in the streets and in the hills.
We shall fight them until our hearts cease to beat!

*All cheer*

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