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Name: Krrbrakahk
Age:17 (If I'm right, Noghri age slightly faster than most species.)
Species (You forgot to mention this part. Stupid human supremicists. This is how the empire was formed.): Noghri.
Gender: Male
Looks: Much like a standard Noghri, he has steely grey eyes and a protruding jaw, and extremely strong, wiry muscles. He does have dyed shock blue hair on the top of his head, more as a rebellious thing, than any true usefulness. Of course, now he'll have to get rid of it. He has a minor scar on the right side of his face, due to an unfortunate run in with a blender as a child.
Personality: Strictly business. He gets the job done, but tends to isolate himself to all but his best friends, though his loyalty is fierce, and it takes something incredible to break it.
Master: He was trained by a Chiss known only as Chid. (It's purely a conincidence that he shares the same name as Corran Horn's cooking instructor.)
Lightasber color: A shocking yellow
Background: Realized as a Force adept at an early age, Krrbrakahk has lived an uneventful life training to be a Jedi until now.

"Space is big... really big. I mean, you wouldn't believe how vastly, hugely, incomprehensibly big it is. You may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space." The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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