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Ya no prob. The spin script is in the thread, near the begining... Spinmove i think it was called..

That's a mod, that made ya do the cartwheels and stuff. Everything you can do, your enemies can do. That's what i would like to get into more, when i have time.

There's no way (so far that i can see) to tell what stance you are using. You are better off just leaving it at light, since that's what you start at when you enter a game. Just stick with light, then script according to it. Usa saberAttackCycle command to cycle. Another option would be to set that command to a smaller named variable. Like so;

set medstance "saberAttackCycle"
set hevstance "saberAttackCycle; saberAttackCycle"

Then leave your stance at light. Code for moves, but add the stance you want to change to in the front. Don't forget to cycle back to light stance so that you can do another move..... If you have no idea what i'm talking bout, ask... i'll make a sample code to show ya what i mean.

Yes you can bind moves for regular attacks. You just have to know what movement keys and button combos you need for the move. Then script it. Say for heavy stance, right to left lash (the fast swing, kinda like a backwards U). To do that you need to hit forward and left, and then attack. so the script would look like;

set hslash "+forward; +left; wait; +attack; -attack; -left; -forward"

bind X "vstr hslash"

This is assuming you are in heavy stance already. You might have to add a wait or 2, depending on lag (i suggest adding them near the begining or ending of the +/- attack, near the other wait.) You have to see if it works, and if it doesn't try and figure why. Maybe you have to hold attack down longer, so you would add a it like so;

set hslash "+forward; +left; wait; +attack; wait; -attack; -left; -forward"

trial and error...

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