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Show your support!

One thing that plauges fans of Full Throttle, as well as many of the other "older titles" is bugs with old dos-launchers/driver support needed and newer Windows 2000/XP machines, as well as people who use Linux or something that want to be able to play a game that many of us bought at full price when it was released and others bought on sale or in the archives.

So far, support in bringing them up to date or having a LucasArts-created "workaround" is non-existant as far as patches go and many of us have machines too powerful to be able to boot to a dos disc or run windows98 (windows ME/98 and below has a problem with memory over 512MB). ScummVM freely offers a workaround allowing us to play these games without giving the games away for free. To put it in simple terms, scummvm is just a bridge between advanced operating systems and older games, making the old games think they are running on old machines. It does not assist in piracy, nor does it infringe on copyrights.

The current legal shadow hanging over scummvm is like Adobe suing the creator of a plugin, or Microsoft suing the creator of a theme. Please help LucasArts realise this with your support of Scummvm - because the way things are looking, we all may be stuck with useless CD's and have to wait for the games to be ported to shockwave for possible pay-per-play gaming.

I'm not suggesting a boycott or petition, but as LucasArt is located in America and the internet has no clear ruling on the matter (as far as I know), we can all use our freedom of speech and right to protest peacefully. Below is the first of a series of "electronic flyers/picket signs" for this cause. Please feel free to distribute these to friends and show support by displaying them in .sigs, forums, web pages, etc.


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