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My .cfg and a few questions

To answer the one above, my experience so far is that linux can handle more than W2k, I run a cs-server on a PII 250 with 256 mb ram. 18 players, and it works like a charm. Try that with W2k

My cfg looks like this:
// Server Config
set sv_hostname "[BOFH] Et Dukkehjem"
rconpassword "password"
set sv_allowDownload 1
set sv_maxclients 3
set g_inactivity 0
set sv_maxRate 10000
set g_allowvote 0
set timelimit 4
set capturelimit 20
set g_autoMapCycle 1
set g_gametype 3
set g_duelWeaponDisable 65531
set g_forcepowerDisable 32741
set g_weaponDisable 65531
set g_maxForceRank 6
set g_saberLocking 1
set g_friendlySaber 1
set g_autoMapCycle 1
set duel_fraglimit 10
set fraglimit 1
map duel_pit

(If any of my settings are incorrect or need explanation please let me know

And it works like a charm. What I would like to know is:
- how to make it run a custom mapcycle

- how to turn on logging

- what is up with the "motd" (for some reason the message never appears on the server),

- how to make the server appear as a "limited force" server when people connect. (I am running neutral force only, but it says no force to clients connecting)

- Anyone have reccommendations to a nice "adminmod-like" tool?

- Am I gonna need any kind of anticheat software?

And finally I have a suggesion:

Somebody should organize all the info in this thread, get rid of any incorrect information, and make a detailed faq. Including how to do chmod chgrp chown getting correct filestructure and so on.
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