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I'm not a big gamer at all. Started with Indy's Fate of Atlantis some years ago and liked that very much. This got me focused on LucasArts. I eventually played the Infernal Machine and afterwards Monkey Island III. That was it so far - until I got Myst Masterpiece Edition. I then got stuck on the Myst trilogy, played Myst, then Exile, then succeeded to get RealMyst at eBay and enjoyed this one very much and finally - Riven. I think I can really say that Riven is by far the most challenging game I ever played, yes, my favorite of all time. The problem is: once you solved it you cannot repeat the experience of the first time again, you simply know what to do next time. I'll play it once more as soon as I have more disk space so that I can avoid the CD swapping. And - the next Indy game is coming soon...
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