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I'm really sorry for not getting this up yesterday guys. I fell asleep again! hopefully this chapter will make up for the delay. .....hopefully....


Chapter Fifteen: Thunder in the Distance

Havoc opened his eyes and looked up at the destruction and chaos before him. His comrades, all fallen, lay scattered around him. In the distance he could hear the faint screams of GeeBee's women, as Vipers forces spread out across the land of GeeBeeDee. Throwing the wives and children of the fallen men of GeeBee out onto the ground as they set their houses afire. Laying wastes to all. Maniacal laughter spewing forth from everywhere. In the back of his head, he could hear voices. Voices of his fallen friends, calling his name out louder and louder to him as if they were beckoning him to join them. Havoc closed his eyes and tried to turn back the sounds, but they persisted..... Havoc.... Havoc.............

Havoc? Wake up, Havoc. Wake up. Tie Guy repeated to Havoc.

Havoc opened his eyes. It was all a dream, or at least what he hoped was just a dream and not a vision of things to come. He was back, being helped along by Rhett and Leon who were at his side.

You're still weak from the poison, Havoc. Rhett began

We would've let you continue resting but Leon and I can no longer carry you. We've traveled thourgh the woods and have placed ourselves in front of krkode's path and we will all need our hands free soon. We're also nearing the border of the Spammish Lands. We cannot allow him to warn Viper. Krkode must be stopped now.

Direct assault will only cause him to flee. That's not a risk we can take. We must try and capture him or if it comes down to it, force him to fight and finish him once and for all. Tie Guy, unpack the nets. We've got a trap to set.

The four of them finished camouflaging the netting just in time to see krkode running down the path as fast as he could. The took their places… and waited.

When krkode reached the clearing where they had laid their trap he came to a stop and wiped his brow. Resting from his long run that was nearing an end. It was in that moment when his guard was lowered, the trap was sprung.

Now! Rhett yelled as he sprang from his tree.

Leon, Havoc and Tie quickly followed suit. Jumping from their hidden places and drawing the net's ropes taught.

The net leaped from the ground, taking krkode with it. After quickly securing the ropes they cautiously made their way over to the captured creature who was now gnashing his teeth and screaming obscenities in the foul spammish tongue.

We meet again, krkode. Only this time, besides your stench, I'm rather enjoying myself. Leon mockingly said to krkode. Krkode's reply came quickly.

Grrrr… Release me! I promise to slit your throats quickly and deny myself the delight of torturing you all, if you do!

You never cease to amuse me, krkode. Rhett said laughingly. Now, if you'll excuse us, we must be off to see about the fall of your master.

We'll come back and deal with you afterwards. Havoc added as the group turned to head for Viper's Lair.

The enraged creature had had enough. NO! You… will… all…. DIE!

They had only just then noticed the small knife that krkode had been working on the netting's ropes with. It was too late. Krkode leaped from his prison of cord.

You had the chance to make it easy on yourselves, but now I'm going to finish you all off nice and slow. Starting with… You. pointing at Rhett ehehehe…

Tie Guy raised his shield and tried to draw his sword but it was to late. Krkode sprung on him with the ferocity of a rabid dog. Using the super-human strength that Vipers dark powers had endowed him with, he plucked Tie form the ground and with a great cry, threw him into a distant bush. Turning to Leon and Havoc who by this time were now rushing at him, and with what seemed like the flick of his wrists, forcefully tossed Leon and Havoc aside. He then focused in on Rhett, who had his sword drawn but was keeping a distance.

If you really think those will help you then, so be it. krkode added with a smirk on his face right before he leapt from the ground. He landed hard against Rhett's shield, sending Rhett to the ground and his sword flying off.

Now on top of Rhett, krkode picked up a nearby stone and held it high above his head and with his eyes flaring and his mouth salivating said…

You don't know how long I've dreamed of this moment, Rhett! I, krkode shall be known as the one who killed Rhett! Thank you for this opportunity! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I don't think so. Rhett snapped, whilst grabbing a nearby stick and swinging it with all his might at the side of krkode's head. Krkode was stunned and fell to Rhett's side, dropping the rock. This gave Rhett the time he needed. He quickly unsheathed his sword and drove it into krkodes back.

Krkode let out a great scream then rolled over onto his back and with blood bubbling from his mouth and running down his chest, taunted them one last time.

Ehehahahaha… *gasp* It is of no matter… *choke* you will never get past Vipers defenses. Prepared or not! *gag* He will catch you. *gurgle* You will beg for death long before he is done with you! Perhaps after he has peeled your skin off, he will have mercy and let you die! Ahahahaa…aha… aaaaa… krkode took in one last broken gasp of air then gave up the ghost.

Bruised and scraped, Rhett's three companions limped their way over to Rhett's side, who was now standing over the twisted body of krkode. Deep in thought.

You look terribly sad for someone who just had his first victory of many. Havoc stated

Victory. Heh. What victory? It was by mere luck that I was able to kill the miserable wretch you see before you, and still keep my life. This Stick is what saved us all!

holding up the stick that head had hit krkode with. It is for that reason that I shall carry it from now on. Rhett said while putting it in his pack.

It nearly cost us all our lives just to kill a minion of Viper! How do you propose we are going to even have a chance of destroying Viper?

The rest of them hung their heads as their hearts sank.

It is apparent that swords and skill are of no use anymore.

Rhett turned his eyes skyward and looked at the darkened skies rolling their way.

Indeed... If we are to do what we originally set out to do… we must find a different means of fighting the Dark Lord.

The rains came as the men, not knowing for sure what to do, gathered their things and set forth once again…
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