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Originally posted by Calexus
Can i have a script so i can spin my lightsaber in my hand?, you know like the reborns do?

Yes you can, but since i'm not at home i don't have the commands with me to write it. It's just a script that moves from one weapon to the lightsaber. So if you have defualt configs (and the server has weapon enabled) just hit the number key to a weapon you have (IE #2, since you start with a blaster) then hit your #1 key for your lightsaber. Server has to have weapons enabled since you are switching to one then back again.

As for the 180 spin backattack while in front script... i'll have to see the timing but a basic idea would be;

set Frontbs "+left; wait2; -left; +back; +attack; -back; -attack"

bind X "vstr frontbs"

might have to add more waits, it depends on lag, mouse speed, and your starting position. But since i'm not at home, i can't test it out. Plus i'm not sure bout the commands off hand, just from memory.

PS. if you really want to get mean, you can change the yaw speed during the spin to make it super fast, then do the back stab, then have it spin you in place. Now that sounds deadly, and interesting... i might try it out when i get home.

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