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This is just a thought, this script allow you to do the Lunge, Medium Finisher and the DFA all from blue stance and then revert back to blue once the move is finished.

havn't tested it though and thanks for Sn1per for posting the simplified code for the DFA.

//Cycle variable strings
set "cycle" "saberAttackCycle; wait 2"

//Blue Stance Lunge
set "lunge" "+movedown; wait 1; +movedown; +forward; +attack; wait 1; -attack; -forward; -movedown"

//Medium Finisher
set "mf" "+forward; wait 1; +forward; +moveup; +attack; wait 1; -attack; -moveup; -forward"

//Taken From Sn1per on LucasFoums-JediKnightII modified by me
set "dfa" "+attack; -attack; wait 15; +forward; +attack; +moveup; wait 5; -attack; -forward; - moveup"

bind "MOUSE2" "vstr lunge"
bind "KP_END" "vstr cycle; vstr mf; vstr cycle; vstr cycle"
bind "KP_HOME" "vstr cycle; vstr cycle; vstr dfa; vstr cycle"

//These keys were chosen due to me using the cursor keys for movement


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