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Terrible in War
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*At an Airbase not far away 144 Starfighters are fueled and ready for launch. General Taklin Flax looks over the lines and ranks of A-Wings, X-Wings and B-Wings.*

*Flax adresses the pilots.*

Flax: Many of you have grown up with the notion of the mighty Republic, where we had the upper hand in weapons, numbers and munitions. You're about to experiance the kind of War your fathers and mothers fought. They fought to win freedom, today we fight to preserve it.

Long live the Republic!

*The crowd of techs, pilots, and officers corus*

Long live the Republic!

*In Space the remains of the fleet gather*.

*Dozens of Crusers, hundreds of Frigates, thousands of fighters.*

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!
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