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Well, if the turn isn't enough of a turn, att more wats.. if it turns you only 45 degrees, then add 3 times the waits, to equal 180. As for making it faster, i'm working on it... prob have to change the yaw speed as i did in my spinmove.

AS for the kick to DFA, i never tested it, so i doubt it works, it just needs the timing worked out. IE add more waits.

Remember peole, this is for learning, i don't get paid to make scripts, i'm just doing it so you all can understand what a script is, what they can and can't do. I'll throw out ideas, point you in the right direction, etc.... but most of the time i won't have them tested. I work 10 hour days ,sometimes longer so when i get home i usually just relax with a game of warcraft3, or NWN, maybe SOF2.. depends on my mood. Well untill recently, i just tend to swoon over my ex now.

Let's look at it again,

set Frontbs "+left; wait2; -left; +back; +attack; -back; -attack"

bind X "vstr frontbs"

try this one;

set Frontbs "+left; wait6; -left; +back; +attack; -back; -attack"

bind X "vstr frontbs"

then try this one and see if it's faster;

set Frontbs "seta cl_yawspeed "3000"; +left; wait3; -left; +back; +attack; -back; -attack; seta cl_yawspeed "140""

bind X "vstr frontbs"

not sure if the last one will work, but it'll be fun if it does... then
just add the spin code and bam, they will hate you

PS, Whoot, 69 posts.. my fav, err number i mean, get your heads out of the gutter

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