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Chapter Sixteen: The Great Battle Begins...

The harsh wind of the morning in the land of the jkiiites was cold and dry. It woke up Clefo, who got up and smelled the air.

"Mmh... I love the smell of spam in the morning..." he said with a smirk. Silenthunter patted him on the back and said:

"Cheesy lines never work, Clefo. Better luck next time..."

Sherack assembled the men and began marching toward the castle. Already they could see the vast Spam Army forming in the horizon, even though the sun was hardly showing up.

The army of GeeBee formed a great line to cover the enemy's expansive maneuvers. Then suddenly, Sherack saw them charging toward the resistance force.

Ready...the bows!

The elite archers of GeeBee tended their bows and readied themselves. Among them, Clefo was the greatest. Sherack waited for the Spam Army to come closer...

On my mark... Steady... Steady... Fire!!!

The archers fired. The arrows zipped by the warriors' heads, fending the air and crippling the enemy. The first line of the Spam Army fell, but they did not slow their progress. The proud warriors of the resistance readied themselves...

The spammers crushed through GeeBee's defenses and attacked the men. The battle for the freedom of the world of LucasForums had begun.

Although there were many minions of Viper, most of them proved to be much less of a challenge than expected. A single blade wielded by a skilled warrior could kill dozens... however, the Spam Army was about 20 times more numerous than GeeBee's!

The victory could only be ensured by the warriors' heroism. The swordmen all fought valiantly; among them Sherack, Rommel, Silenthunter, xwing guy, Artoo, and Andrei stood out the most, smiting more spammers than they could count.

The archers were also extremely helpful. Leading them, Clefo nailed down more minions than he carried arrows. His companions Link Antilles, Gaming Nut, and some jkiiites such as OnlyOneCanoli were also taking down enemies from afar.

Despite their limited numbers, the alliance of GeeBee Dotcomers and jkiiites seemed to be on the verge of winning. Moral was high - could this finally be the end of the spam as we know it?

"Be wary, Sherack...we have not won yet." said Rommel of a worried voice.

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