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((OOS: Disclaimer: This post has been written in conjunction with Cmdr. Cracken and Redwing (me! ) via Instant Messenger, each controlling our separate characters. Thus, this isn't godmode. [/end OOS]))

*Rwos walks down the hallway to its the doors to Cracken's chambers. The doors open on their own. Rwos sees a chair. If he had been present during the Battle of Endor, he would have recognized this chair...but he can still sense the seething evil emanating from it. A voice speaks from the chair:

Cracken: I've been expecting you...

Rwos: I noticed. Your mistake.

Cracken: *in Rwos' eyes* if only you knew the power of the Dark Side. *Guards flood the room, blasters readied.*

Rwos: *draws his lightsword and ignites it* Bring it on.

Cracken: capture him. *The guards open fire*

*Rwos leaps, grabs onto the ceiling and vaults over the guards, taking out several as he does so*

*Cracken ignights his lightfoil, and raises it in a defensive position. Lightning flares from his fingertips, aimed at Rwos*

*Learning from past experience, Rwos catches the lightning on his lightsword. Since his lightsword cannot absorb the lightning, he creatively flings it off at the mass of the guards*

Cracken: Impressive. *Cracken swings, timing the swing so it hit Rwos when he lands. Rwos blocks*

Rwos: I've come to kill you, 'Admiral' Cracken. *swings his saber at Cracken's throat; it is blocked*

Cracken: But, this is only the beginning. *They trade blows, each keeping pace with the other*

Rwos: The beginning of what? *times his moves to keep pace with Cracken's*

Cracken: The beginning of a new order, a new day! The Return of the Sith! *Cracken knocks Rwos back* leave this plane, you have no buisness here.

Rwos: You're wrong. I have one order of business left, and that is vengeance. *gets up* You realize you cannot kill me. The means with which I got here prevents that. But I can kill you. *lunges at Cracken with his lightsword*

Cracken: *Parries the blow* If death, you won't relent, maybe capture and bait shall do you better! *Begins a frenzy of lightning quick attacks. Rwos has trouble keeping up*

Rwos: *suddenly increases the speed of his attacks, moving beyond the speed of human capability. Cracken, however, uses the Force to match* This monstrosity will go the way of the superweapons before it. *stabs at Cracken again, who blocks only an inch from his face* This is indeed the beginning, Cracken. The beginning of the end.

Cracken: *A series of blows are exchanged, and the two go to a stare down...*The future you think you can see........ it's clouded by the forces in this plane..... come with me, and we can change that.... we can make you a god in your world!

*Rwos grins. His beaked face, pointed ears and glowing eyes look demonic in the light* Rwos:There is no future for you. I will avenge the death of my friend Deac Starkiller with your head!

Cracken: Can';t your goody two shoes head fanthom what i'm offering you!? Power beyond anything your world has seen! power to do anything! hell, even *shudder* to help people...

Rwos: *laughs at him* My world has seen power far greater than you can imagine. Powers far stronger than your Force. The only thing you have to offer my vengeance.

Cracken: *he smiles* i see you weren't aware.....

Rwos: *slightly frowns, uncaring* Aware? *slashes at Cracken, who blocks*

Cracken: Aware. that this "vengence" of yours is for naught.

Rwos: What are you talking about?

Cracken: Deac is alive. and is headed here.

Rwos: *eyes widen* What?!?

Cracken: oh yes... he's very much alive....and will be very stupid when he finds i have you INCARCERATED! *cracken goes for disabling blows*

*Rwos, shocked, doesn't block in time. Cracken's lightfoil ends up through his shoulder, removing his arm. Rwos falls to the floor, unconscious*

Cracken: Guards. get him in containment. now. *Cracken turns off his lightfoil, and the guards get Rwos in the binders. He is hoisted onto a moving apparatus.... a Jedi Binder....the kind used to incarcerate Obi-Wan Kenobi by Count Dooku at the beginning of the clone wars. The energy flow of the device is arranged so that when Rwos' arm regenerates, it would regenerate into a waiting binder.

Cracken oversees Rwos' Binder's placement above three other Binders...the first step in the vengeance of the Sith. One Binder was specially made for Deac, one for Flax, and one for Odin, all lined up and waiting. Cracken watches the Binder raised to its position above the others...and just laughs himself silly.

I win.

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