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Just to put my two cents into the 'great scripting debate':
Scripting is cheating, and cheating online i do not condone.. however, i've been in countless situations where a script-laden bastard is ruining, and dominating the game. This is where this thread is useful. Using fire against fire (and only against fire) puts the little prick back in his/her place, and eases your frustration. Demystifying scripting, as one post put it, is a great thing to do. It gives the honest a great weapon to use against the, well, not-so-honest. Be mindful, abusing scripts (or being a gorgantuan assfigher) in an otherwise clean mp match wrecks the fun for every player, and makes you deserving of the nuclear scripting wedgie that an honest and artful player will so kindly grant you. And that, my friends, is the end of the controversy.

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How profound *pat myself on back*
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