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Post just a few thoughts

well first of this is my first posting here, ive never felt the need to break my long standing tenure of silence till now. Ironicly enough its about the great scripting debate which I for one concure with the fighting fire with fire ideal, but not as an everyday thing.

Now i wish to impart a small tidbit of info most here might find educational. through my time of dueling an fighting the A$$ masters or fighters as you call them, ive discoveryed a little trick to help even the score on a normal playing field. First you go with your normal yellow or medium attack style spin, now the trick to this like all things is timeing, you need to have a key bound to the cycle the blade styles done before hand to allow for quick switching. now as soon as you execute the normal yellow spin you can hit the style cycle button to switch immediately to the red an thus earning a score spinning hit with red damage at yellow speeds I was wondering if it would be possible to script something like that to bind a key too.

Secondly if Malinkie would be kind enought to post his final script revisions to see as a template, also i dunno if this was answered eariler but ive heard tell of the auto kicker script reduceing things back to the old way of one button kicks again, is this true...? If so could we see an example of such scripting? thank you for your time

- Syrex
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