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Hey if you wanna make a site and post scripts there, by all means go for it. But put on your flame protected suit, just be ready for it. I'll be more than happy (how can that be?) to give ya permission, no prob there.... i'll even be interested in writing more if they are useful.

Best way to combat the different servers stuff for scripts is to write another one, the exact same way, but have it add more waits, or take em away. Then just exec one of em, if it doesn't work, exec the other. A good habit is to add the line;

unbind X

Add that to the top of the script, this will unbind the key, so you can exec another script and bind it to that key without ill effects from other binds. The difference was the lag i'm betting. How well did the one with the yaw_speed work? Did ya try both? was there a difference in both of them? I've been spending my time playing warcraft3 and nwn, so i haven't tested these out. But there's a lan party this saturday that i'll be at where they will be playing jk2. I suppose i can show em some tricks.

cvar print out.... you can either ;

A, type cmdlist in console and write em down or do a screenshot
B, open up your mpconfig in wordpad and save it somewhere else as a backup file. That file has many commands. I suggest binding every command in the game to something so they all show up when you look at the cfg file.
C, find the game engine (modified q3) and search for a scripting site for that game. The commands tend to be the same, with some minor differences and/or add-ons
D, get the sdk from the dev site and see what they got in it. My guess is they have everything you need to make a mod, so it would be safe to say they will have all the commands somewhere.
I'm on a role, any other requests???

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