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I already have the Command list from JK2 and the CVAR List o my site.

I expect it to be up by the end of today.

Flams don't piss me off. I don't use the scripts, i just write them for learning purposes.

About the up dated script for my moves in blue stance, here it is...
(only for blue lunge and yellow finisher.)

//Cycle variable strings
set "cycle" "saberAttackCycle; wait 2"

//Blue Stance Lunge
set "lunge" "+movedown; wait 1; +movedown; +forward; +attack; wait 1; -attack; -forward; -movedown"

//Medium Finisher
set "mf" "+forward; wait 1; +forward; +moveup; +attack; wait 1; -attack; -moveup; -forward"

bind "MOUSE2" "vstr lunge"
bind "KP_END" "vstr cycle; vstr mf; vstr cycle; vstr cycle"

Remember and put the whole command line on one line with wordpad.
The truncation in the thread makes the cfg not work.



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