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(oos) I'mback. I know you all just missed me so much, and back to my drinking of delciouse Ale or the prefered Mead.

(brief story of what Odin was up to while all of you were elsewhere)

Leaving the Cantina, Odin launches his transport and jumps to Asgard. Arriving at the planet, Odin is rushed into a meeting of the Ruling Aesir. Afterwards there was feasting and general merry making.

Currently Odin, now with a company of Einherjar, is in deep space waiting for contact.

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As Odin says in the Hovamal:
"Praise no day 'til evening; no wife 'til on her pyre; no sword 'til tested;
no maid 'til bedded; no ice 'til crossed;
no ale 'til drunk."
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