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((oos @Redwing, in mythology Einherjar are the chosen warriors that live in Valhalla, until the day of Ragnorak (end of the world), The Valkyries (chooser's of the slain) pick half the dead form a battlefield and bring them to live with Odin in his hall of Valhalla.

Now a little more about my character of Odin.

Odin comes from the world of Asgard, inhabited by the human race of Aesir. They are god-like but mortal (long life, can use the force, but also can be killed). Odin is the leader of a counsel of twelve. Their is a crisis brewing, which is why Odin is away form Asgard. He returned because of this. Now the some Einherjar (the Aesir's elite soldiers) are now with Odin on his transport.

Hope this clear some things up Redwing.))

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