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Grow Up

I dont see what the big fuss is about with these people coming on here. The way I look at it, people using scripts are good practice. But, just because they have a script... doesnt make them good. If I'm not stuck laying there on my back, Im not going to just sit there and let them spin around 1000 times a minute and try to hack me... spining or not, you can still kick them, pull them etc, to get them on the ground (cant swing) and take a bash at them. No big deal. My clan and I have been accused of cheating, scripting, the whole nine yards. It doesnt bother me one bit, because I know we are better than most we come accross. Good players and scripters alike can come at me, I dont care... ya know what? They may kill me once or twice... but in the end... I'll own them. Dont spend all your time bitching about this ****, learn from it and get better, or stop playing. Face it, some people are more competitive than others, and if you arent competitive and want to play JK2 Multiplayer with strangers... you are a damn masacist(spell?), because you must love to get beat down by people who thrive on winning. Learn to live with it, or get out. Also, dont forget, during the summer months, most of the people playing are just bratty little kids... who just want to get their little jollies killing people so they can feel bigger than they are. Dont let them have fun laughing at you, because your getting pissed getting the **** knocked out of you... suck it up, move on, or find a way to beat them.

My personal vice is 1.03... cant stand the game, its been reduced to people running around backwards fighting. Looks dumb... is dumb... so i dont play 1.03... just 1.02... but you dont hear me in 1.03 bitching at people. Grow a sack keep on trucking... maybe this game isnt for you.

As for the rest of you, keep on keepin' on. More power to ya... this stuff is facinating, especially to me, I know what Im up against... and so far... Im not worried. Have fun.


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