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Katani prepares himself to speak to the man who would be Emperor. Never an incredibly gifted speaker, he was about to plead his case to the person who could change his life. Who could change the Universe. Who could change everything. Katani assured himself, he wasn't afraid of change. This was a change he could handle. And, if he couldn't--well, he had ways to deal with that.

"Grand Admiral Cracken, my Lord. I have come from the planet Nhdaa'rr, with this weapon, this Conqueror, to present to you as a gift. It is, after your most beautiful creation, the deadlies killing machine ever devised. Of course, being as how you are the most incredible man ever, I'm sure you already know this. So, with one parting request, I offer you this gift."

Cracken: "Speak your request."

"I wish for you to use me. I want to go to the system of Belkadan. It is a small system--it's inhabitants minor. I could be of use there though. I could demonstrate your power, your reach... your might. I would conqueror upon the the strength of your name, and all would fall before me, or find themselves fallen. I would become like Vader was to your Father. I would be Imperial Might."

Katani considered things for a moment, while waiting for Lord Cracken's request. All in all, things had gone pretty smoothly. He hadn't stuttered, as he'd been known to do. He hadn't begged, or cried, or pleaded excessively. And, best of all, he hadn't had to speak to anyone who hated him. The officer he'd spoken to, while carrying a smug air of invincibility, and who would soon learn his place, had treated him nicely, giving him clearance and little more. Functionality. He liked that in an inferior. Of course, he also liked a salute, but that would come later. Or punishment would come. For he was the Conqueror. None stood before him without fear. None.

And so, as Katani waited, he wondered what Lord Cracken's next message would be. Only time could tell that.

(OOS: Hey Cracken, sorry about the minor infringement there, hope you don't mind, but the latter part was critical for character development, and for my character to continue upon the path that I have chosen for him. Again, hope you don't mind... and if you do, I don't know--yell at me or something.)

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