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Originally posted by Arker
Why do you noobs play the game at ALL? A simple "win" key would be enough, then the old monkey island "you've won" message, and off you go to play something else.

Thats like a kickboxing game with nukes, one button does the job.

As if 1.03 wouldn't have made it easy enough already for you illiterates to spam with guns AND instakill with the saber.

Go back to playing quake, I'm sure you're using a script for rocketjumping there as well.

this is getting ridiculous

Why do you come in here to bitch.

moan, moan, moan.

Stop crying like a baby.

I'm sick fed up of the these people who come in this thread to moan.

What does the thread name say... "Scripts Here"

Nothing to do with people like you.


Maybe if these people keep moaning we'll get our own area in the forums.


On second thoughts... keep moaning lol. its sometimes funny to hear.


Diplomacy is when you tell someone to go to hell and make it sound like the greatest trip ever.
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