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ah, finally. someone with a complete knowledge of scripting, willing to share with everyone. usually when you ask someone how they did the spinning backstab or some other scripted move they'd get on their throne and laugh at the "ignorant n00b". i'm glad this probably wont happen anymore.

to those of you complaining about JaraDaj and others showing us how to script these moves, i'd love to hear an explanation on why it's better for only a few people to act l33t and know these moves, rather than having these resources available to everyone.

and to anyone still arguing about the fact that using scripts require no skill, let me point out that all the moves needed for winning on your average duel/ffa server arent that hard to pull off and master in the first place. and unless you can knock down your opponent in front of you all the time or have an extremely low ping, scripts like the spinning/180 backstab and kick could actually lower your chances of successfully doing the move.
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