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Lightbulb Official Request Thread

Ok, here we go. Please put all requests for models only here. If you have just posted a requests, copy and paste it here, I will close that thread after it has been moved here, or after one week. Also, when you post a request, be sure to put a few links to reference pictures of the character being requested.

The Golden Rules for Making Requests

1) Always provide enough resources ... but NOT too many ... (eg. images, links) ... chances are that if the request is too specific, no one may know what it is, except for the select few know might have the idea about it.

2) Don't get offended by critism.

3) Requesting for a Skin for YOUR Model - do this in the Skinning forum.

4) Requesting for a MOD.
As always, you should provide a link to your MOD as well as some screenshots and concept art about it.

5) Lastly ... Don't SPAM!
Sure your idea doesn't show interest. Don't get mad or upset. You either just didn't provide any good resources or your idea just doesn't seem to be a great idea at the moment.
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