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Lightbulb Before you ask a question, check this link

Polycount - Jedi Knight 2 - Resources

Comprehensive list of links to modeling/skinning tools, tutorials & resources

MapCenter Models & Skins Resource thread

Polycount Tutorial Thread

Check this vid out. Very useful to learn how to unwrap effectively.
Bobo the Seal's UVW Mapping Video

These links have a TON of stuff for modeling and skinning too. Since there is not much in the way of support for JKII yet.

JK2 Modelling Addendum

9/17/02 - Star Wars RPG reference

9/19/02 - Generic modeling sites with tutorials

10/5/02 - Saber Hilt Tutorial (Unsure of quality of content)

If you have anything not mentioned here or in the links supplied, PM me with the link and what it has to do with modeling.

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