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Skinning Tutorial's, FAQ's & Info for noobs

Ok, like in the modelling site, I will put links up for information and how-to's on doing the skin side of a model. This will include everything from UVW mapping to creating Shaders.

Per128 tutorial: Preparing to skin

Check out the tutorials at Skindom

A tutorial from HyPer: Game Art: Something for everyone

Modeling & Skinning Tools, Tutorials, & Resources

Skinning color tones by Soul

Lighting Tutorial by Soul

For those of you with Paint Shop Pro-
Redlemons Tutorials

Another great tutorial-
Red Armour Texture Tutorial


Shaders - What are shaders

Hell! Check out all of his tutorials.
HarlequiN's QBranch

More to come.

1/2 assed tutorial on skinning-
OmNi Clan Forums, Azmo's Skinning FAQ

j3-p0's Skin Recoloring for Complete Idiots

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