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Here are some screen-shots just for the hell of it:

No, I do not condone the over-use of this move

BTW... I'm using samaurai swords -- Custom model/textures I'm messing around with -- Because as cool as the lightsaber is, it does get awfully boring after a while.

Combine Katana blades with the Blood Mod and Ghoul 2 dismemberment and you get one hell of a realsim mod going.

That's Dooku as Desann and myself as Conor Mcleod (the "Highlander" skin I'm cuttently working on) in the rafters of the Ladder level. Don't ask how we got up there. Desann threw me up there and then force jumped up there himself. Go figure.

P.S. - Anybody have some good leg/hip textures that ressemble Levi's more accurately? That's the look I am going for. Leather jacket, tee-shirt and jeans.

Then Desann -- Er Dooku -- Decided to continue his assault with a DFA. If you notice the health meter on my HUD... I jumped off to avoid it and fell horribly to my death
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