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It's gotta be about the timing.Look you DFA on someone,You miss.YOu DFA with the scripts, shorter time in doing the move.Do a backsweep.To lazy to click the back attack button eh?Well, you suck.I do hope someone makes atleast on hack that changes their username so you can screw a person using scripts.Lunge.See the differene in time?Crouch+foaward+attack.Scripts,press on button.CHEAP?YES!
Wait a second...THere was this guy non-stop pushing me.Maybe he was using a script that does non-stop pushing.

If you see a person with the name of GAYASSMOTHERBITCHASS****ERGETALIFEJOBANDAWIFE,PLEA SE KILL HIM AND TRHOW HIM TO HIS DOOM!Actually, his name is bAbY.He is 2 and a-half yrs old and does non-stop pushing.

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