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I thought there were "No Guns"....

Jango and others...

Even Skarr enjoys clean liquor...

Just a Guy

and now, the sabers...

thats gunna hurt in the morning...

Jedi Battle

Jedi Battle 2

Off with the head!

Off With the head! Again!

You think theyd learn...

DFA! with a...deactivated saber and...inflatable arms?

and a continutation of the vader battle... (same fight i just never loaded these pics)

And Vader gets slammed into the Emperor's chair...

Luke lands a shot! the end, the Dark always wins

lol thats it for now...also, those vader-luke pics are out of order- the final one should be more after the balancing act one...because in the fight, luke jumped off the railing, did a flip towards vader, and Vader used a light stance lunge to take off his leg...ill take more if you want em
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