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Favourite movies:
DragonHeart (The only time I've ever seen a dragon portrayed realistically --right down to the "fighting tail.")
Godzilla (American version.)
Ever After
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
George of the Jungle
Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
Titan A.E.
Lion King
Lion King II: Simba's Pride
Warriors of Virtue
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The last three are listed because I'm more impressed by the skill required (from the characters) to defeat their enemies without having to resort to a massive body count. I can count the deaths in Warriors on one hand.

Least favourite movies:
Battlefield Earth (Badly written, badly directed, unsympathetic characters.)
Gladiator (I've already explained why a year ago, not gonna waste my breath here.)
Island of Dr. Moreau (Philosophical disagreements with H.G. Wells' original theme.)
DragonHeart II: A New Beginning (It's a rare event for me when the special effects are bad enough to ruin great writing and acting. This would've been an awesome movie, if the cheap CG dragons hadn't lowered it to the level of Hercules.)

As well as any movie that sacrifices writing/acting in favour of "the Blockbuster factor," which is eye-popping effects, massive explosions, screenfulls of blood and gore, supermodels in tight T-shirts, and body counts numbering in the triple digits. I want lead characters to have at least some qualities that I admire, like skill or finesse as opposed to bigger and flashier guns.

TV series that I'd most like to see turned into movies:
Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (As shown on TV, not the cheesy movie that already exists.)
Sailor Moon (Done as live-action, with older scouts [by 2001, most of them would be ~21], perhaps starring Allyson Hannigan as Amy/Mercury. )
Escaflowne (It's way past time that Allen got the girl.)
Gargoyles (But only if it followed the TGS continuity on gargoyles-fans .)

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