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Re: What is the deal with FT2?

Originally posted by manbeast
I've been out of the loop for a while. I just learned that FT2 is in the works. I watched the e3 movie and the FT clips look cool. I also read that it was going to be console only, but I then read that that was a load of bull. Is that right? What's the deal? What do we know? Possible release date? Any other picture or vids available? Story or character information?

I'm dying to find out more!
It is scheduled for release on both the PC and next-gen consoles. There are two "videos" out for ft2, one being an edit by Unno of just the ft2 stuff from the LucasArts trailer mix, and the other is camcorder-capture of the ft2 trailer by from E3. As far as pictures, there are one or two on LEC's site, the rest that you find (like on Kickstand, for example) are framecaptures from the video clips I just spoke about. That's all we have for now, but I'm sure more will come shortly since fan response is so great.

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