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Name: Theisdon (He doesn't tell his last name)
Rank: Temporary Medic at the Bimmissarri Base
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Home Planet: Reytha
Bio: Theisdon lost his parents in a "Rebellion" strike versus on an Imperial Food Processing Center on Reytha, where his parents worked. Well this outraged him and he decided to dedicate his life on avenging their death. As soon as he was old enough he joined the Imperial Academy, where he showed very good skills in Medicine and Piloting. Although an odd mix it seemed to be a good one. Almost as soon as he got out of School he was sent to a base on Bimmissari. He soon heard rumors of a hidden rebel base and decided this would be a good time to take my revenge. The first thing he did was to search the archives to find out who the Rebels were that were in the strike force on Reytha. Oddly enough he couldn't find anything out about the Rebel Strike. What he did find out though was information on an experiment that failed, killing all who were involve. It didn't take Theisdon long to piece together what had really happened. Theisdon quickly destroyed the information as best as a low ranking Soldier could from the Archives. He took along only what he could carry-it included his trusty blaster, a custom flight suit that was given to him by his best friend in the Academy, and a picture of his parents. He then rushed to where he heard that the secret Rebel base was located. He was quickly accepted and assigned to a squadron. His first mission they were ambushed, but he was saved by his wingman who didn't make it. When he got back to the base he was made a medic until they could find another spot for him...

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