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*Deac's cloaked ship, with Deac, Odin, Flax, the Einherjar, (and whoever Deac and Flax brought along for the ride, I assume a commando team) exits hyperspace over Kuat. The Crimson Star is dead ahead...*

Starr: Remember, don't call in the rest of the fleet till we're inside the Titan...

((edit: Didn't see Battledog's post;

OOS: @Battledog: Didn't you say/imply you were with Deac?

Remember Deac, none of us can take him alone. He already killed me once. Hell I've killed more Sith Lords than you've had birthdays! That guy is the son of the Emperor. did you find Belkaden?

A) Superthrawn never said he arrived at Belkaden yet. He could still even be at Kuat.

B) How did you know he was going there?

C) How do you know his character is so "foul and unnatural"?

D) Why did you leave Deac? When did you?

You know...if it's a different person at Belkaden by random coincidence, it would still work...but currently it looks like borderlime godmode...if I'm wrong, Deac, correct me))

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