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Jedi Apprentices: PC thread

Ok it looks like most didn't like my old RPG so I'm starting a new Campaign!

Like the name implys it's a Jedi game. Pretty much the only thing things that are neccessary are Pilot, and a Level 5 Jedi PC.

Campaign Storyline:

First of all this is an AU Game.

Chancellor Palpatine has been caught abusing his power and has been kicked out. Bail Antillies is now the Chancellor, and the first thing he does is request that the Jedi Council do what it can to rejuvenate (ooooooo big word) the Jedi Order. Well the first thing the Council decides on is to drop the "1 Apprentice" Law.

Jedi Master Shenn Jrulen has taken on ~however many of you sign up~ apprentices.

This campaign follows them on their path to Jedi Knights.

I already have 2 recruits and I want at least 4, but no more than 6. I hope this is more successful than my last try...

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