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((OOS: hey.. i have a live to you know ))

*Corzip looks at the shadows...*

hmmm.. i thought these creatures were weird. but now i see my 2 friends are as weird as those creatures

*corzip smiles, but his friends dont seem to have heard him. Corzip runs ((yes runs. he is human )) tward the building witha full load of those creepy creatures behind him and a great big smelly queen behind them.*

If this were the Coruscant 500, i think i would have broken the speed record

*He jumps real high to catch a flag pole sticking out. he grabs it and jumps up again. he catches an open window. he again jumps up and comes out onto the platform with the sahdows. he looks back and sees the creatures climbing up the building and the queen is running in a different way. he turns around and looks to the shadows. they seem to be laughing. he wonders why*
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