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The codes DO work. Many of us have gotten by, so we know they do. Just be patient and systematic: as you flip each image around, trying to get them lined up, scroll through each section to see where the pieces land. You'll get them to line up.

Also, make sure to play through the whole level, flip every switch and get every key.

Also, when you come to places you're not sure about, PLEASE check the forums for pre-existing help. There is already help posted about the refrigerator room, for example.

Finally, if you get stuck, there are 1 or 2 walkthroughs available. Go to the strategy section of this website, and you'll find them posted there.

Good luck, and keep playing- the game picks up big time when you get your saber (soon). Check out PC Gamer's review for thoughts on this. The later levels, with full saber abilities and force powers, kick butt!

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