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I'm new to JKII and I just registered in this forum.

Concerning scripts, I think adding an option to disable them would solve the problems their causing. That way scripters could still have fun while not spoiling others games. This would end the flames too.

However this idea doesn't seem to be any new, but the only arguments on the scripters side I've seen are "That's part of the game". I'm not familiarized with the Q3 engine but I'm sure that disabling the introduction of commands on the console, from the user, isn't that hard to accomplish...

I've just tried some scripts and I must say it adds a whole new depth to the game, but if things remain how they are, with time everyone we'll see online is using them, and those who cant or don't want to will slowly quit from the game because they can't have a fair fight anymore.

On a side note. JaraDaj, I'm confused on where you stand on this issue because, as you said, the sooner this stuff comes out the sooner they'll patch it.

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