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Originally posted by TUGA
On a side note. JaraDaj, I'm confused on where you stand on this issue because, as you said, the sooner this stuff comes out the sooner they'll patch it.

I'm all for scripting, but some commands should have never accessable. Scripting is a way to even the ground for those of us who are smart but lack eye hand skills. For others it's a form of expression, and still others it's a way to expand thier minds in a subject that they like, ie the game. Yet some use it to win, and onl win. But the way the game was made, script or no script, anyone with skill can win.

As of now, the only script i use is the spin script, for emergencies and/or freaking people out. I'm just waiting for them to patch the commands that are too powerful (ie yaw_speed) and maybe add a few more. I'd like to beable to bind to -/+ of a button. That would bring new options.

On a side note, i found an interesting "bug" in the game. You can use secondary fire on the rocket launcher and try to lock on to someone, as you hold it down, switch weapons. Sooner or later you will get a lock on the target (if they are still alive) and you can return to the rocket launcher and fire. This in a script would allow the user to get a lock without leaving themselves open, ie they can still fight back with another gun or saber and switch back to the rocket launcher when they want to fire the locked rocket. Very interesting....

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