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Originally posted by knyte
Youre still an ass JaraDaj

Whats this thing with everyone having Aaayla as their picture? Shes not hot people, plus shes an alien, plus shes imaginary....
1- JaraDaj's avatar is actually Lyn Me, from RotJ SE.

2- Yes, she is that hot

3- So what if she's an alien, she's still hot

4- The character is imaginary, the actress isn't

This threads been pretty helpful. It helped me script a monologue taunt, which was a big mistake I later found out. Still fun though . There were about eight seperate messages with wait counts of around 200 between each, so they go slow enough to be read. I found out when using the final version though that you can't move when it's activated, and I was in a duel at the time. Whoops . Good thing we were on duel_jedi, and I was in the container thing and my opponent was outside waiting.

The dueler known as Horke Sh'mar

Yoda is my Jar Jar.

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