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((OOS: It was probably unconscious compensation for my uber-nitpickyness

Actually, this is a good thing, because I didn't know your personal fighter was that powerful; it can actually be more useful than I imagined ))

*in response to Deac's question*

Starr: You and Odin must attack him directly. I will lead you to his command chambers...I have seen them in a vision. As for getting in...the Crimson Star's weakness is that it doesn't have its weapons systems fully charged. Only its shields are kept up. It has fired its superlaser system within the past few hours, so it won't be fully charged yet, and it will take another day to prepare the antimatter cannon for firing again.

Cracken will be controlling the fleet through the Force, just as Darth Vader and the Emperor did at the Battle of Endor. This ship can sneak under cloak into the Crimson Star itself when it lowers it shields to let fighters out. We must infiltrate the SSD Titan in the moon's core. Once inside, the cloak will be useless.

*closes his eyes again*

His command chambers will be heavily guarded, perhaps with Reborn clones....yes, I can sense their signature on the Force. It is clouding my ability to see Cracken... He may not be in the Titan's command chambers when we get there...after we defeat the guards, I will be able to find him.

Immediately after we enter the SSD, you must summon the fleet. Talkin Flax must lead the attack on the Crimson Star, because his fighter is the only one the right size yet with strong enough shields to survive the attack...he must bring the shields of the beast down. *Starr takes out a holo and points to the image projected; it looks like the Death Star's trench except with an enclosed shaft at the end* Right there: There is a shaft leading to the main control systems. The central shield projector is located here, but it cannot be hurt by ordinary fighter weapons...only weapons more powerful than a turbolaser, which Flax has on his fighter. The shaft is only small enough for a one-man fighter to fit through and get back out, which was why it was constructed this way; no capship could get in to bring the shields down.

Once the outer shields are down---the inner shields will still be up; the Crimson Star has a better design than Palpatine's Death fighters will be able to get inside the superweapon itself, but attack can be commenced to destroy the primary superlasers before they can be fired again. By this time, we have to have gotten to Cracken, so he will be distracted enough that the New Republic's fleet can have a chance against his.

*Starr pauses for breath, then nods and puts away the projector*

Hurry...we must get inside before Cracken can sense us.

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