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i tried to play a character like this once:
Name: Sephiroth
Gander: Male
Age: ???
Current Statis: Presumely Deceased
Bio: A man on a Industral and Pre-Space Evolutionary Planet in uncharted Territories, Known by most as 'The Man in a Black Cloak' wandered the planet gathering followers, after finding out his mother was merely used becuase she was thoguth to be one of the last Ancients (along with another character from FF7 ).
To make a long stroy short, he was bent on destroying the planet with a metor but in the end failed.

Next is:
Name: Grendal
Rank: Emperoir of The Empire in Eminesent Chaos (spelling)
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Current Statis: Deceased
Bio: Warroir of the Sith, with unknown ties with Emperoir Cracken.
extremely powerful with force, and one of the few to still use a lightsaber (hundreds of years after BoH)

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