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((OOS: Shields are the biggest concern, and your 160 SBD is still far better than the normal X-Wing 50 SBD; you'd actually have a shot at taking out the outer shield generator and still getting out. Plus I understand your laser cannons are capship level (at least, Starr thinks they are, and he's the one planning this thingamajig)))

*Starr pilots the transport to the Crimson Star's surface, seeming to grow more nervous by the moment. Droid TIE fighters, along with miscellaneous other TIE types, pour out of the moon's ports.*

Starr: Wherever there's TIEs going out...that's where the shields are down.

*Starr flies the transport into a stream of TIE drones. The sight of so many TIEs moving past the transport in the opposite direction is unnerving, despite the party's knowledge that they could not be seen. The transport flies safely down the wide chute deep into the core of the Crimson Star. They reach an open inner level inside the moon, and the party spots several chutes through which drones are entering rather than exiting*

Starr: Let's try one of those...

*the transport enters one of the chutes and is suddenly sucked forward at incredible speed. They eject right in the middle cavern of the Crimson Star to behold the sight of the massive Titan suspended in the center of the core*

Starr: Look! It's the Super Star Destroyer! Cracken's command ship!

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