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Originally posted by *Darth Vega*
See I avoid clans because from my experience they are often a compilation of what is wrong with the community. I did the clan thing before and there is just too much politics and bitching and whining for me.
Hehe, actually I've been playing online since more or less it's beginning.
I remember a few clans in the old DOOM days, but the whole thing really didn't catch on until Quake/Quake World.

I would have to say that although I have met some nice people over the years that were in clans, the majority of clan members I have played with have been condescending and arrogant towards beginners.

I can only assume it's the more in-depth immersion into the "virtual world" they take that tends to make them feel above the guy who just wants to mess around and have a good time.

And one thing, almost every "public" game hack ever released was at one time a private hack used by a clan that ended up getting leaked. Those of you who know your "bot history" can easily trace back almost any hack from the old StoogeBot of Quake World to the Quake 2 RatBot.
There have been a few exceptions like the public OGC, but most only become public upon being leaked.

Ironic huh?
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