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Name: Riss Dul'ur
Gender: Apparently male
Species: Unknown
Weapons Skills: Who needs weapons when you've got claws?
Class: Infiltrator
Enhancement: (Not an enhancement, but in place of it) Has the natural ability to cling to almost any surface, and to jump extreme distances. Very fast and agile.
Skill: Slicing, bypassing security systems

Name: Celeste
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Weapons Skills: Long knives and close-range blasters (She almost never kills from a distance)
Class: Specialized Item Retriever (*cough*theif/kidnapper*cough*)
Enhancement: The ability to mentally teleport to any place she can visually target.
Skill: See above two categories

Riss: *above Beler's head, on the ceiling* Sssssoo...didn't sssee me come in?

*He drops to the floor as Celeste calmly opens the door and walks in. She is the only one in the room who shows not a trace of fear...of course, that could simply mean she hides it well. She sits down in a chair*

Celeste: Sorry I'm late. *she doesn't offer an explanation*

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