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((OOS: @Admiral: Your timing is a wee bit off...we're inside the Crimson Star now, there's only the SSD Titan there I'll assume you said that when we were entering

And the reason nobody asked for your army: Starr didn't think of it ))

*the transport, still under cloak, enters the hangar of the Super Star Destroyer Titan. Everybody exits the ship*

Starr: Hurry! We have to get to the command chambers! *shuts his eyes and concentrates* This way! *runs to the second-to-nearest entrance and sabers the door open* Follow me! Watch out for Reborn!

*As they run, Starr comms Flax, a microjump away with the NR fleet* General Flax! Get here ASAP! Transmitting your flight plan---*taps buttons*---now! Take out that shield generator and then take out the superlasers! You'll have less than twenty minutes before they can charge! Go, go, go!

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