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Tie in answer to your questions, the bonus is your ability to deflect.

Right now you should have a deflet(defense +1) this will give you a +1 bonus to defense, soon you will get deflet(defense +2) (mine is this right now, thought i don't think it is right...) which then gives you a +2 bonus.

You will also see a deflect(attack -4) on everyones pc, this alows you to try to redrict a blaster type attack at an enemy. If the shot misses you, you can try to redrict. (in rule terms, if the attack roll of the opponet is less then your defense, it is a miss.) you have to say before the attack is rolled if you are going to try to deflect attack. Both deflect attack and deflect defense can be used in the same you will still get your defense bonus when you are trying to redirect.

Oh deflect(attack) takes away your move action just like deflect(defense), the only real defference is that you can only rederict a number of attacks equal to half your jedi level rounded up, so for all of us that would be 3

Oh and st will continue in a bit, I am working on the map you asked for....

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